Bing AI's organizer feature can greatly benefit work-from-home professionals when it comes to managing their personal and professional lives. It can help in the formulation of well-organized calendars and to-do lists that strike a balance between work-related tasks and private commitments, resulting in efficient time management.
Here are prompts examples that can be modified according to the specific requirements;

  1. "Create a table to track my daily working hours (8 AM-5 PM), ensuring I allocate enough time for content creation and personal relaxation ( 2 hours in between), as a work-from-home content creator."
  2. "Create a weekly review checklist that helps me assess my content performance and personal well-being.
  3. "Create a self-care and well-being table. List activities that promote work-life balance and mental health, with columns for activity type, duration, and frequency."

Here is the link to the result generated by Bing AI;