ChatGPT can be used for career counseling as it provides personalized and accessible guidance to people looking for direction in their professional lives. It can recognize the individual qualities, interests, and goals of each person it interacts with because of its extensive knowledge base and natural language processing abilities. ChatGPT can assist people in exploring different career paths, evaluating their abilities and preferences, and finding new possibilities that are in line with their goals through smart questioning and analysis. 

Prompts Example:

  1.  “I want to be part of the tech industry, but I’m not interested in coding. What alternative tech careers can I explore?” 
  2.  “I currently work in fintech, but I’m looking for a change. What other industries can I transition into?”
  3. “I am environmentally conscious and want to contribute to sustainability. What eco-friendly careers are out there? Given that I have a degree in computer science”
  4. “Work-life balance is crucial for me. What career paths allow for a fulfilling personal life as well as a successful career?”
  5. “I have a strong sense of social responsibility. How can I find a career that allows me to give back to the community?”
  6.  “I just completed my psychology degree. What are some career options within the psychology realm?”

Here is the result generated by ChatGPT;