Locating the appropriate academic papers and articles on Google Scholar can be very difficult. ChatGPT can help create search queries that identify the most relevant content due to its extensive knowledge base and natural language processing capabilities. It helps users to apply filters, optimize search strings, and choose relevant terms to improve search results, thus simplifying the process, and making academic discovery more effective.

Here are the example prompts that can be modified according to requirements;

  1. Provide me with 5 well-structured search queries to find recent academic papers on the usage of social media and its impact on brain development in teenagers.
  2. Suggest keywords and phrases I can use to discover research articles related to artificial intelligence in healthcare on Google Scholar.
  3. As a healthcare professional preparing a presentation, craft a search query to discover the latest academic papers on AI applications in the healthcare industry.
  4. As a psychologist studying addiction, help me craft a search query to find academic papers on the neurobiology of addiction and potential treatment strategies.

Here is the link to the result generated by ChatGPT;