ChatGPT simplifies the process of creating effective presentations by generating material, providing design advice, and offering suggestions for organizing. ChatGPT gives users the resources they need to make engaging presentations that capture audiences, whether it's by outlining essential points, recommending visual components, or providing guidance on content flow. By utilizing this AI-powered technology, people can make their presentations more effective while also saving time, improving slide design, and communicating their points clearly.

Here are example prompts for reference;

  1. I need assistance with creating a presentation that explains a complex concept (Large language models in Healthcare). How should I simplify it for the audience? Create a slide with content related to the concept for reference
  2. Can you help me create an effective title slide for my presentation on [Large language models in Healthcare]?
  3. I need help outlining the key points I should cover on my first slide. The topic is [Large language models in Healthcare].
  4. What's the best way to structure the agenda slide for my presentation about [Large language models in Healthcare]?
  5. I'm creating a slide about future trends in the Healthcare industry driven by AI. Can you help me organize my thoughts and design them attractively?

Here is the link to the result generated by Chatgpt;