In managing contractual liability, ChatGPT plays a revolutionary role. It works in collaboration with legal experts to improve the effectiveness of contract drafting and helps create agreements that withstand scrutiny in the event of disagreements. ChatGPT helps legal practitioners navigate the complex terrain of contractual liability with accuracy and foresight.

Here are prompts for references;

  1. Consider a situation where a disagreement over contractual liability arises from a technology service agreement. Create an arbitration clause that addresses the complexity of the dispute by designating an informed technology arbitrator and effective dispute resolution procedures.

  2. If quality problems lead to contractual liability, include an arbitration clause in the supplier agreement. To reduce supply chain interruptions, make sure the clause promotes rapid resolution.

  3. Consider a situation where disputes over contractual liability arise from a franchise agreement. Create an arbitration clause that strikes a compromise between the franchisor and franchisee's interests to guarantee a quick and equitable resolution process.

Here is the link for the result generated by ChatGPT;