ChatGPT is a must-have product for food and cooking enthusiasts due to its versatility in this domain. Its extensive knowledge base enables it to give Chefs quick access to a variety of recipes, cooking advice, and culinary skills. Whether one is searching for a quick and simple evening dinner idea or wants to impress guests with a fancy dish, ChatGPT can provide customized recipe recommendations based on tastes and dietary needs. It can also be used to find solutions to food-related issues and get information on ingredients, substitutes, and cooking times.

Prompts Examples;

  1. “Help me plan a week’s worth of dinner for two Muslim adults”
  2. “Create a dinner plan for two days party hosted by a Muslim family and give me the shopping list.”
  3. “I have tomato, lettuce, chicken, and broccoli. What can I prepare with them for lunch?”
  4. “What is an easy way to make a pasta recipe that features white sauce and chicken?”
  5. Recommend comfort food as my day doesn’t go as planned.
  6. “Suggest a healthy version of chicken dumpling with dumpling sauce for a 4-year child.”
  7. “Today was so stressful, suggest a dessert to lift the spirit.”

Here is the link to the results generated by ChatGPT;