ChatGPT can be a big help to authors by providing a variety of advantages during the writing process. It is mainly used as an endless source of inspiration and creativity, producing original concepts and storylines that authors can utilize as a starting point for their work.  It can help in overcoming writer’s block by offering new viewpoints and interesting new directions. It can also serve as a smart grammar and style checker, assisting writers in polishing their writing and upholding consistency across their work. Additionally, it provides the perfect setting for receiving immediate feedback, enabling authors to edit their drafts and make enhancements. 

Prompts Examples:

  1. “Compose a dialogue between two characters who have just discovered a magical portal to another dimension.”
  2. “Write a poem about the beauty of nature and its transformative effect on human emotions.”
  3. “Create a character profile for a quirky inventor who builds extraordinary gadgets but struggles with social interactions.”
  4. “Write a poem that focuses on human grief inspired by the poem ” Nothing Gold Can Stay by Robert Frost”
  5. “Imagine a world where animals can communicate with humans; write a series of diary entries from a pet’s perspective.

Here are the results generated by ChatGPT against the given prompts.