Using tools that make learning more efficient has become critical at a time when information overload is a persistent problem. ChatGPT is a priceless tool for anyone looking to quicken their learning process. With its advanced artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, ChatGPT is an all-purpose mentor who is always on hand to offer advice, clarifications, and insights on various topics.

Here are prompts for references;

  1. I want to learn about 'Large Language Models'. Identify and share the most important 20% of learning from this topic that will help me understand 80% of it.
  2. I am currently learning about 'Coronary Artery Disease '. Ask questions that will test my knowledge.
  3. Guide me through a visualization exercise to help me internalize 'Sutures' and imagine myself successfully applying it in real-life situations.

Here is the link generated by ChatGPT;