Creativerse – AI Art Generator
Creativerse is an AI-powered art generator designed to turn creative prompts into captivating artworks. It provides a range of art styles, an intuitive interface for users of all levels, and the ability to easily save and share creations. With no watermarks, it allows artists to showcase their work. It turns your ideas into beautiful visuals with the help of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


iOS: Comming Soon

Let’s explore how to create prompts for your t-shirt mockups with Creativerse.

General Pattern:

Following is the general pattern to generate mockups:

Color and Style: Specify a clear description of the t-shirt you want to generate including its color and style (e.g., “blank white”).

Background Texture: Mention the texture of the background surface and its colors (e.g., “a marble surface background”).

Adjectives and Mood: Use adjectives to convey the desired mood and style (e.g., “well lit” “warm and inviting”).

Visual Elements and Decorations: Specify visual elements you want to include in the image (e.g., “beautiful lighting,” “minimal design,” “epic details”, “candle decorations”).

A mockup of a [color and style] T-shirt, [background texture] background, a [adjectives and mood] atmosphere, [visual elements and decorations].


1. A mockup of a blank black T-shirt, rustic wooden table background, a warm and inviting atmosphere, capturing a casual and comfortable style.

Figure: 1 Black T-Shirt Mockup Generated by Creativerse

2. A mockup of a blank navy-blue T-shirt, a marble surface background, a well-lit atmosphere, projecting a sophisticated and timeless look.

Figure: 2 Navy-Blue T-Shirt Mockup Generated by Creativerse

3. A mockup of a blank white T-shirt, grass background, a well-lit atmosphere, decorative flowers.

Figure: 3 White T-Shirt Mockup Generated by Creativerse

4. A mockup of a blank charcoal gray T-shirt, a glass surface background, dark and horror atmosphere, candle decorations.

Figure: 4 Charcoal Gray T-Shirt Mockup Generated by Creativerse

Craft your own unique t-shirt mockups and designs, experiment with various prompts and themes, the possibilities are boundless. Try Creativerse for yourself, and share with us the amazing artwork you create. We can’t wait to see the unique worlds you bring to life.

Stay tuned for more updates. Happy creating!