Understanding pet behaviour is like deciphering a silent language full of nuance and signals that express their wants, feelings, and requirements. Every behaviour, whether a dog waving its tail wildly or a cat purring gently, has meaning and often provides glimpses into the animal's inner world. ChatGPT includes detailed information about pets' behaviour and helps users understand their pets better.

Here are prompts for reference;

  1.  My bunny has been grinding their teeth, but I'm unsure if that's a happy or uncomfortable sign. What do teeth grinding in rabbits usually mean, and how can I determine the reason behind my rabbit's behaviour?
  2.  My cat kneads their paws on soft objects like my lap or blankets. Can you explain the reasons behind cats' kneading behaviour and what it signifies about their comfort level?
  3.  My rabbit sometimes thumps their hind legs on the ground, but I'm unsure why they do it.  Explain why rabbits thud and when that could signify a problem.

Here is the link to the result generated by ChatGPT;