Accessibility to educational content is more important than ever given the reality of the quickly changing nature of education and the growing demand for online learning. In order to guarantee that e-learning resources are available to a worldwide audience, ChatGPT is an essential tool. ChatGPT helps with the translation and adaption of educational information so that students from a variety of linguistic backgrounds can access it by utilizing its strong language translation skills.

Here are prompts that can be customized according to the specific requirement;

  1. As a data science educator aiming to make AI and data science concepts accessible to Urdu-speaking students. Assist me in translating complex technical terms and content into Urdu, ensuring inclusivity in my courses. The course is about the difference between AI and Data science. Include the differences between both domains by providing real-life case scenarios.
  2. I am a data science content creator and want to expand my reach to non-English-speaking learners. How can ChatGPT assist in translating my existing content into multiple languages for a global audience?
  3. Act as a Data Science educator and  Translation assistant, and write a detailed article on 'Application of data sciences in healthcare'. Help me translate the generated content into Urdu and Arabic in a culturally relevant manner. 

Here is the link to  the result generated by ChatGPT;