“Assuming a role” with ChatGPT can refer to adopting a particular role or profession’s viewpoint or mindset to explore a particular topic or scenario. To learn more about someone’s particular field of expertise, one could, for instance, pretend to be a scientist, a historian, or a journalist. This method enables one to approach conversations from multiple aspects and gain knowledge about various topics. Here are some prompts to use “Roleplay” to get the most out of ChatGPT.

Prompts Example:

  1. Pretend as a career counselor and advise on the best steps to advance my career in tech and achieve long-term success.
  2. As a fitness trainer, I design a workout routine and diet plan to help me achieve my fitness goals.
  3. Pretend as a psychologist and offer insights into overcoming stress and anxiety, providing coping strategies for daily life.
  4. Act as a financial advisor and help me create a comprehensive plan to manage and grow my savings and investments.
  5. As a language tutor, help me learn Chinese by providing useful resources, tips, and practice exercises.

Here is the link to the ChatGPT results generated against the above prompts.