Bug Report Enhancement is an integral part of the software quality assurance process. QA engineer provides detailed bug reports composed of comprehensive information about the issue's context, reproduction steps, system configurations, and potential causes. Good QA practices and bug report enhancement contribute to the delivery of error-free software products that maintain a high level of quality. Here are the five effective ChatGPT prompts that can help QA engineers in their Bug Report Enhancement journey.

  1. Refine a bug report for a display glitch in the checkout process of a food delivery app. Add screenshots and browser version."
  2. "Enhance a bug report regarding a synchronization error in a calendar application. Include information about connected accounts and frequency."
  3. "Improve a bug report for a performance slowdown in a mobile app during image uploads. Include device details and network conditions."
  4. "Refine a bug report for a login failure issue on a travel booking website. Include detailed steps to reproduce and expected behavior."
  5. "Enhance a bug report about a broken link in the 'Contact Us' page of an e-commerce site. Provide more context and potential root causes."

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