Journalists can use ChatGPT as a dynamic research assistant to enhance their skills for investigation and reporting. Bing AI has live data hence making it easy to get updated background information, gather statistics, and receive brief descriptions on a variety of topics by simply asking questions or supplying keywords. Journalists can save important time by using Bing AI to sift through voluminous volumes of data from diverse sources.

Here are some prompts that can be used and edited according to the required scenario;

  1. "I need statistics on global e-commerce trends over the last five years. Can you find and present the key data points? Please create a table to present your findings."
  2. "I'm covering a story on climate change effects. Can you gather information on the impact of rising sea levels on coastal communities worldwide since 2021?"
  3. "What are the key factors contributing to the recent surge in electric vehicle adoption, and how are automakers responding?"

Here is the link to the result generated by Bing AI;