With ChatGPT's help, starting to learn the fundamentals of sign language for daily use becomes a rewarding experience. People can easily immerse themselves in a scenario-based learning approach that mimics real-life situations by interacting with this AI language model. ChatGPT turns into a virtual mentor, providing advice and illustrations on how to communicate daily routines in sign language, ranging from bedtime customs to morning rituals.
Here are prompts for references;

  1. I want to explain the simple cooking process in sign language. Help me learn the signs related to 'Chop vegetables,' 'Cook on the stove,' and 'Eat dinner.
  2. I want to sing about my leisure time at home to a Deaf friend. Help me understand the signs related to 'Watch TV,' 'Read a book,' and 'Listen to music.'"
  3. I want to explain the steps of doing laundry in sign language. Help me understand the signs for 'Wash clothes,' 'Dry clothes,' and 'Fold clothes.'"

Here is the link generated by ChatGPT;