Visa interview preparation might be difficult, but ChatGPT's help makes it manageable and effective. ChatGPT is an invaluable resource for preparing for visa interviews since it offers individualized advice and assistance customized to the particular needs of every visa category and destination country. Users can use ChatGPT to familiarize themselves with common interview questions and refine their answers. 

Here are prompts for reference;

  1. I have a visa interview scheduled for a student visa in Japan, assist me in preparation. What are the commonly asked questions and their answers (mock answers) asked in the visa interviews?
  2. I am preparing for a family reunion visa interview in Australia. What question should I expect to be prepared for? Response with answers (mock answers) for respective questions.
  3. I plan to attend a conference related to 'Generative AI in Healthcare' in Japan and schedule a visa interview. Help me prepare for the question the interviewer may ask.

Here is the link generated by ChatGPT;