ChatGPT is a flexible tool that helps candidates improve their confidence and readiness for real-world interviews.  Candidates can access various resources relating to interview advice, best practices, and guidance from experts in numerous industries through ChatGPT’s information. Interviewees can also get advice on how to answer behavioral questions. The quality of material available on ChatGPT can also help candidates prepare for interviews by educating them about the organization’s mission, culture, and most recent accomplishments. This will result in a more successful and impressive performance, increasing their chances of landing their dream job.

Prompts Example:

  1. How to answer this question in an interview. (Tell me about yourself: Walk me through your background, education, and professional experience.)
  2. I applied as a Software developer, can you help me answer this question? (What are your key strengths and how do you think they will contribute to this role?)
  3. Help me answer this. (How do you handle constructive criticism, and how have you used feedback to improve your performance in the past?).
  4. Generate a list of interview questions for a Software Developer.
  5. Act as a hiring manager and interview the candidate both technically and behaviorally that applied for a software engineer position.

Here is the link to the output generated by ChatGPT;