Using ChatGPT for character development has been a game-changer in the creative process for animators and writers. It not only expedites the brainstorming process but also offers novel viewpoints and suggestions. Animators are able to create complex and fascinating characters who connect with the audience because of ChatGPT's assistance in exploring various character features, backgrounds, and idiosyncrasies.

Here are some prompts examples;

  1. "Develop a cute, funny, quirky, and lovable sidekick character for a comedic animated series."
  2. "Craft a character concept inspired by ancient mythology, blending human and supernatural traits."
  3. "Invent a futuristic android character who struggles with questions of identity and humanity."
  4. "Create a character for a children's animation series that teaches valuable life lessons (Not to trust strangers)."
  5. "Develop a cunning and enigmatic villain with a complex motivation for an action-packed animation."

The link to the result generated by ChatGPT;