One can write a Statement of Purpose (SOP) within minutes which used to be one of the most challenging parts of applying to grad school. One needs to provide information about the educational background and additional information to the Chatgptand its structure and develops the SOP into a coherent narrative. Here are the prompts to help in writing SOP.

Prompts Example;

  1. “Help in writing  an SOP for Ph.D. in computer science from  Seoul National University Computational Science & Technology, the word limit is 300 words.”
  2. I have done MS in data science with a specialization in health data analytics. I am interested in doing Ph.D. in Health Data Science from Lancaster University, UK. I am good at machine learning and deep learning along with data analytics. My goal is to develop the research skills and subject-specific knowledge and abilities to get better at applying the learned techniques to real-time problems. Write me a 400 words SOP considering the information given above.
  3. “Can you write a research proposal for the said position at Lancaster University as it is the requirement for submitting the P.h.d. application?”

Here is the link to the result generated by ChatGPT;