The skill of giving powerful presentations depends on efficiently using visual components in today's visually oriented world. Whether the user wants to include dynamic graphs, eye-catching photos, videos, or all of the above in their presentations, ChatGPT can expertly walk through the entire process. It can advise on how to change and modify these components to fit the message and style. With ChatGPT's experience in visual storytelling, one can take the engagement and quality of the presentations to a new level.
Here are prompts that explore how ChatGPT can be used to enhance the presentation with visual elements;

  1. Share tips on selecting the right type of visual elements for different types of presentations, from charts to images and videos.
  2. I am preparing a sales pitch for a new product launch. Can you guide me in selecting the most persuasive images and graphics to captivate potential clients?
  3. I work for a non-profit organization and must present compelling presentations to potential donors. Please provide your insights on using visuals to evoke empathy and support?"

Here is the result generated by ChatGPT;