People can improve their language abilities in an engaging and efficient way by using ChatGPT for language practice. One can enhance grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure, and overall fluency in the target language by joining discussions and prompts using ChatGPT. Here are some example prompts to start with.

  1. “Please expand this sentence to make it more descriptive: [As data processing and storage is becoming cheaper, the main barrier to entry for AI adoption is often data availability].”
  2. “Use the word ‘mitigate’ in a sentence that demonstrates its meaning.”
  3. “Create a sentence using the conditional perfect tense to show a past unreal situation.”
  4. “Turn this statement into a question: ‘They are going to the movies tonight.'”
  5. “Form a sentence using a comparative adjective to compare two animals.”
  6. “Can you explain the meaning of the idiom ‘raining cats and dogs’ and provide an example sentence?”

Here is the link to the result generated by ChatGPT;