ChatGPT-Powered Physical Therapy Exercises

Physical therapy exercise guidance involves providing uses customized exercises and routines to address specific rehabilitation needs, improve mobility, alleviate pain, and enhance overall physical well-being. Users can take charge of their recovery process and enhance their quality of life by using  ChatGPT to get professional advice, individualized recommendations, and efficient rehabilitation activities from the comfort of their homes. ChatGPT-Powered Physical Therapy Exercises for Peak Performance.

Here are prompts for references (ChatGPT-Powered Physical Therapy Exercises);

  1. Can you recommend low-impact exercises at home to strengthen knee muscles without putting too much strain on them?
  2. What are some gentle stretching exercises to incorporate into daily the routine to relieve tension in the lower back?
  3. I have arthritis suggest low-impact exercises that can help improve flexibility in my joints and reduce stiffness.

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