ChatGPT is a valuable tool for developers of all skill levels because it may serve as a coding teacher by outlining and demonstrating particular coding principles and practices. Instead of wasting hours looking for answers on Stack Overflow, ChatGPT can finish the job in minutes. ChatGPT can produce code for several web development jobs, saving developers time and enhancing their productivity.  Assume a developer is working on a new feature or project requiring new code. By implementing the following prompts, the developer can reduce development time by more than half.

Prompts Examples

1. Generate a semantic HTML and Bootstrap”Contact Support” form consisting of the user’s name, email, issue type, and message. The form elements should be stacked vertically and placed inside a card.

2. Write a JavaScript function that reverses a number and returns avatar letters.

3. Write an Express.js API to fetch the user’s profile information. It should make use of MongoDB.

4. The database has students and course tables. Write a PostgreSQL query to fetch a list of students who are enrolled in at least 3 courses.

Hereis the link for the result generated by ChatGPT with respect to the given prompt. These prompts can be updated according to the user’s requirements.