Citing academic sources is a complicated and time-consuming procedure that can be greatly simplified by using ChatGPT's help with citation styles on Google Scholar. When conducting scholarly research, ChatGPT is a useful tool that helps users create correctly formatted citations that follow multiple style requirements, including APA, MLA, Chicago, and others.

Here are the prompts that can be customized according to the requirements;

  1. Provide an example of how to cite a journal article in APA style using Google Scholar as the source.
  2. How do I properly cite a conference paper in MLA style when I find it on Google Scholar? Explain step by step process.
  3. Please guide me on citing a website or webpage using the Harvard referencing style with information sourced from Google Scholar.
  4. How do I format in-text citations and a bibliography for a research article on Google Scholar using the Vancouver style?

Here is the link generated by ChatGPT;