ChatGPT significantly contributes to raising the bar for expert report presenting. By providing insightful advice on structuring and formatting, ChatGPT improves the entire report authoring process. The fonts, styles, and formatting options suggested by ChatGPT provide uniformity and readability throughout the whole report. Additionally, it helps in the creation of executive summaries that effectively condense important information. 

Here are the prompts for reference;

  1. Share tips on how to generate section headings and subheadings that follow the hierarchical structure of a report, providing clarity and organization.
  2. Share examples of how ChatGPT can generate captions and labels for tables, figures, and other visual elements, enhancing the overall report presentation.
  3. You're a scientist reporting the research findings. Share how will you get help fromChatGPT to create captions and labels for tables, figures, and other visual data, ensuring that the report is well-structured and informative.

Here is the link to the result generated by ChatGPT;