By utilizing ChatGPT's features, users can create brainteasers that can engage the audience and promote critical thinking and problem-solving ability. Users can actively engage their audience with brainteasers by creating scenarios, puzzles, and riddles that will get them thinking. These mind games open the door to involvement and encourage a vibrant learning atmosphere. Whether it is a speaker trying to make the material more interactive or a teacher trying to increase classroom engagement, ChatGPT's help in creating brain teasers is a useful tool for enhancing cognitive abilities and making learning pleasurable.
Here is an example of prompts for reference;

  1. Create a brain teaser involving a riddle or puzzle related to a locked room.
  2. Generate a brain teaser that involves a situation with a limited light source or time constraint.
  3. Generate a brain teaser related to a mystery or enigma that requires the audience to think creatively and logically.

Here is the link to the result generated by ChatGPT;