Top 5 AI Applications

Artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized various industries; the video and animation sector is no exception. Significant improvements have been observed in this industry since the introduction of AI, allowing content producers to work more accurately and efficiently while producing high-caliber work. Artificial Intelligence techniques have transformed the production and consumption of visual media, from streamlining complex animation processes to improving Videography. Top 5 AI applications to create videos and animations.

Top 5 AI Applications to Generate Videos and Animation

Video and Animation production were labor-intensive procedures that required much experience, time, and skill. Motion capture, background removal, and character animation were among the manual duties that filmmakers, animators, and video editors had to perform. These procedures required expertise, expensive equipment, and significant financial resources. However, the development of tools driven by AI has fundamentally altered the landscape.

This task can be automated by AI-driven apps, which are eligible to lower the cost and increase the accessibility of the creation process for a larger group of people. AI solutions can assist professionals in the film industry, game developers, digital marketers, and educators create visually compelling and high-caliber material. With machine learning algorithms, these technologies can produce realistic computer-generated imagery (CGI) characters, identify and duplicate intricate human gestures, eliminate undesired movie elements, and even construct new animations from basic text descriptions.

This article will examine the top five AI applications revolutionizing the animation and video production sectors. In addition to increasing content creation efficiency, these tools—DeepMotion, Runway ML, Animaker, Synthesia, and Lumen5—are creating new avenues for creativity and innovation in visual media. Let’s examine these AI apps in more detail to see how they are changing the video and animation industries and how you can use them to improve your work.

These are Top 5 AI Applications to Generate Videos and Animation:


DeepMotion is an AI-powered animation tool specializing in motion capture and real-time animation. AI interpreting and correctly replicating human actions enables developers to quickly animate 3D characters.


  • Real-time Motion Capture:  Without complicated hardware, DeepMotion uses AI to record and animate human movements in real-time.
  • Cloud-Based Processing: DeepMotion offers animations processed in the cloud; users can work on any device and from any location.
  • Customizable Characters: Users can create and customize 3D characters, adjusting their movements and appearance.
  • Integrations: DeepMotion is simple to integrate into existing workflow.


DeepMotion provides multiple price packages:

  1. Freemium Free: Basic animations and minimal functionality with 60 credits/month. It allows users to generate a 20-second-long video clip.
  2. Strater Plan: This Plan costs $9 monthly and offers 180 credits/month. It allows users to generate a 20-second video clip.
  3. Innovator Plan: Innovator plan costs $17 monthly and offers 480 credits/month. It allows users to generate a 30-second video clip.
  4. Professional Plan: This package costs $39 monthly and includes 1500 credits per month and advanced capabilities. It allows the user to generate a 120-second video clip.
  5. Studio Plan: Tailored pricing for sizable businesses with specific needs. It offers unlimited animation and credits and allows users to generate 360-second video clips.

Use Cases:

  1. Game Development
  2. Movie Production
  3. Digital Art

Usage Statistics:  More than 10,000 active users.

Runway ML

Runway ML is an extensive AI tool for editing, animation, and special effects. It is powered by machine learning to offer previously labor-intensive features, making it a valuable asset for content creators.


  • Green Screen: This feature replaces and removes the background using AI. It helps create professional videos without expensive green screen setups.
  • Video Inpainting: Removes objects from videos. This feature can be applied to footage to correct errors or eliminate undesirable parts.
  • Style Conversion: allows creators to experiment with different visual aesthetics by applying artistic styles to video content in real time.
  • Text-to-Image: Produces visuals based on written descriptions; ideal for concept art and storyboard creation.


Runway ML offers the following pricing plans:

  1. Starter Plan:  This is for individuals looking to explore Runway’s AI tools and content creation features.
  2. Standard Plan: This is for individuals and small teams looking for more features, such as access to AI tools and export options. It costs $15 per user/ month and allows a maximum of 5 users per workspace.
  3. Pro Plan: This is for individuals and teams looking to add all of Runway’s features to their workflows. It costs $28 per user /month and allows ten users per workspace.
  4. Unlimited Plan: Users can get access to the pro Plan with the flexibility of unlimited video generations. It costs $76 per user/month and allows ten users per workspace. This Plan offers unlimited video generations.

Use Cases:

  1. Videography
  2. Comics and Storyboarding
  3. Marketing

Usage Statistics: Over 50,000 active users


Animaker is an AI-powered animation platform that simplifies creating animated videos. Its user-friendly interface and extensive library of resources serve a broad spectrum of consumers, from novices to experts.


Character BuilderAI facilitates the creation of unique characters with a range of characteristics. Users can customize characters to fit their narratives.

  • Auto Lip-Sync: This feature saves time and ensures correctness by synchronizing characters’ lip movements with the voiceover.
  • Scene Transitions: Dynamic and fluid changes between scenes that improve the animation’s overall flow.
  • Asset Library: Users can access pre-made objects, backgrounds, and characters. With this vast library, users can be confident they have all they need to make eye-catching animations.


The following is Animaker’s pricing structure:

  1. Basic Plan: For $12.5 a month, it offers HD-quality videos, users can build 2 custom characters, and they can assess up to 10 Premium asset credits/month. They can also use 500+ Premium Music Tracks.
  2. Starter Plan: It costs $25 a month; this package includes 20 Premium asset credits/mo, 1000+ Premium Music Tracks, HD quality videos, 15-minute video length, and 10 Premium Downloads/month.
  3. Pro Plan: The Pro Plan costs  $39, and the offer includes 30 30-minute video lengths, 30 Premium Downloads/mo, 2K Quality Videos, Build 30 Custom characters, Auto Subtitles – 100 mins/mo, 45 Premium asset credits/mo, and 30k+ Premium Music Tracks.
  4. Enterprise Plan: It offers custom prices for professionals and includes Unlimited video length, Unlimited Premium Downloads, 4K Quality Videos, the ability to Build 100 Custom characters,900 Premium asset credits/yr, and much more.

Use Cases:

  1. Educational Content
  2. Marketing and Advertising
  3. Entertainment

Usage Statistics: Over 100,000 active users.


Synthesia is a cutting-edge AI tool that generates videos featuring AI avatars. It is beneficial for producing videos that seem professional without requiring a large cast or a lot of video production equipment.


AI Avatars: It creates videos with realistic AI-generated Avatars/presenters. These avatars can be customized to fit the brand’s identity.

  • Multilingual Support: Produce lip-synced videos in several languages. This feature is ideal for global brands that need to communicate with diverse audiences.
  • Script-Oriented Production: Users enter a screenplay, and Synthesia creates the video. This feature streamlines the video production process, making it accessible to users without prior video editing experience.
  • Custom avatars: Businesses can use personalized avatars to represent their business and give a personal touch to their videos.


Synthesia offers a business-focused pricing model:

  1. Starter plan: This Plan costs $22 / month and provides 120 minutes of video/year with one editor and three guest seats.
  2. Creator Plan: This Plan costs $67 /month and offers 360 minutes of video/year with one editor and five guest seats.
  3. Enterprise Plan: This Plan offers custom-tailored pricing with unlimited video minutes and allows live collaboration, commenting, and workspaces.

Use Case:

  1. Corporate Training
  2. Marketing
  3. Education

Usage Statistics: Over 20,000 active users.


Lumen5 is an AI-powered video creation platform that converts text into compelling videos. It is ideal for content marketers, bloggers, and social media managers who want to transform written content into a visual format.


  • Text-to-Video: It can turn blog entries, articles, and other written stuff into videos. This capability enables users to produce captivating video content from previously written materials.
  • AI Storyboard: It can generate a storyboard based on input text, streamlining the video creation process.
  • Media Library: Users can access a massive collection of royalty-free photos, movies, and music. They can improve their videos with high-quality media.
  • Branding Options: Users can customize videos with brand colors, logos, and fonts to ensure uniformity across all content.


Lumen5 offers the following pricing plans:

  1.  Basic Plan: This Plan costs $19 /month to create simple, unbranded videos. It provides advanced AI Script Composer features, such as longer AI Voiceover videos and more voices.
  2. Starter Plan: The Starter plan costs $59 / month for individual content creators. It offers 1080p video resolution, 50M+ stock photos and videos, and the option to choose your font and custom colors.
  3. Professional Plan: This is for professional video storytellers and costs $149 / monthly. It offers 500M stock photos and videos, custom watermarks, the option to upload your fonts, multiple saved templates, and multiple brand kits.
  4. Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing for large teams and businesses. It offers a Luman5 design team, bespoke branded templates, dedicated customer success, team and collaboration, and enterprise-level security.

Use Cases:

  1. – Content Marketing:
  2. -Social Media
  3. – SEO and Traffic

 Usage Statistics: Over 700,000 active users.


Incorporating AI into video and animation production has undeniably altered the industry, providing technologies that increase productivity, reduce time complexity, and bring a better understanding of human emotions to the forefront. These AI-powered tools offer diverse functionalities to meet various objectives, including game development, corporate training, content marketing, and social media interaction.

Creators may use these technologies to make high-quality content more effectively, freeing up their time to focus on creativity and storytelling. Whether you’re a professional filmmaker, marketer, or educator, these AI-powered programs may significantly improve your workflow, making video and animation production more accessible and innovative. Embrace the power