By utilizing its extensive knowledge and comprehension of many literary genres and authors, ChatGPT might be a useful tool for book recommendations. ChatGPT can have interactive discussions with users to learn about their reading preferences, interests, and prior book experiences because of its capacity to comprehend natural language inquiries and context. ChatGPT can limit the options and provide individualized book recommendations catered to each user’s preferences by asking questions and modifying the search criteria.

Prompts Examples:

1. Can you recommend books like “Just Listen ” by Mark Goulston? Also, briefly overview each book with the author’s name and published year.

2. Recommend books to learn the art of loving life.

3. I’m interested in exploring different cultures through literature. Can you recommend a book set in a foreign country that beautifully captures its essence?

4. “I want to read a classic novel that has withstood the test of time. Which timeless piece of literature would you recommend other than “Pride and Prejudice”?”

Here is the link to the result generated by ChatGPT against the prompts mentioned above.